Instagram Poet Rupi Kaur Opened About Blogging About Domestic Violence

When you think of the words “milk” and “honey,” what enters your mind? Most likely the sweet poetic feeling Rupi Kaur. Her very first book Milk and Honey broke the web and the New York Times bestsellers list for 78 weeks in a row. It’s one of our preferred poetry collections that makes us feel all the feels.

Now, Kaur is back with The Sun and Her Flowers, a brand name brand-new collection– which simply debuted at # 1 on the same list. In a current interview with Entertainment Weekly, the feminist poet opened about terrible experiences, such as domestic violence. Her sincerity is among the primary reasons we love her a lot.

” Sometimes you compose a piece, perhaps it must do with domestic violence, and you put it out into the world and you feel, truly naked,” Kaur informed EW. “You begin to question yourself a bit. When someone reaches out and they inform you that this piece suggested so much or that it’s assisted them, then you feel excellent about it.”.