Rents and property values would drop after Brexit, say proprietors

Lease expenses are most likely to fall if Britain exits the EU and property will become more sell my house fast affordable to novice buyers, according to the bodies that represent the UK’s estate agents and property owners.The National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) and the Association of Residential Letting Agents (Arla) stated that Brexit would cut levels of immigration and depress future price increases, leaving the average UK house worth 2,300 less in 2018, and 7,500 less in London.

Waltham Forest rogue landlords fined 60,000 after property licensing crackdown

A dozen Waltham Forest property managers have been prosecuted and fined a total of 60,000 after failing to sign up to the district s rental property licensing scheme.Court action has been taken against rogue property owners after a crackdown by Waltham Forest council, where over 7,500 properties have actually been visited by policeman’s this year.

John McGrath: Australian home values at danger if Labor wins Federal Election

THE value of every Australian home is at severe risk if Labor wins the Federal Election, according to powerhouse property doyen John McGrath.He alerted if negative gearing was abolished it would affect each individual who owned or leased a home, not simply financiers.Property values would drop and rents would increase, he said.


























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